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A cold cure coating using PTFE-M (Teflon) resins which bond with your vehicles paint to obtain a smoother protective sealant finish that is long lasting and easier to keep clean.
Fact: Ordinary Waxes can just disappear in a matter of weeks from exposure to the elements(wax melts in the hot sun), car washing and rain.
A great mobile clean and polish!                                                                                    
water drops after paint sealant
You've spent thousand$$$ on it -
don't let it fade away!
Seal your vehicles paint against-
  • Bat droppings, acid rain, tree sap 
  • Coastal salt spray, oxidation, rust etc. 
  • Lasts for years (not weeks).
  • 4WD's, cars, bikes
  • even f/glass boats, yachts (decrease drag = increase performance) 
  • all stay cleaner longer with this technology.
recommended for new & near new cars
left outside.
Let me quote to protect your vehicle with this new process.
The Polymer Paint Protection Package:  
is from only $165.00 
(car dealers can charge $400+) 
  • Your HOME or WORK
  • Wash, polish & pretreat surface if required
  • Apply Teflon Polymer sealant to all surfaces incl glass 
  • Polish to tough gloss finish
  • 6 month on-site visit to top up treatment ($30 fee applies)
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