AUTO /// mobile car cleaning  - Southern Gold Coast & Tweed Australia 0439 586 088
Services /// pls note- all prices are a guide & are subject to final inspection, age and condition of the vehicle, inside and out.
If extra dirty, eg. pet hair, rims tarnished etc- allow $20-30 extra 

Water and Power is required at the site.

                                                  S/M/LG               WGN/4WD 

Regular Clean///:           from 60/65/70         from 75/80                
 everything your car needs...
55+ minutes    
  • Wash body, wheel arches, wheels.
  • Windows inside & out.
  • Full detailed vac (incl boot, between & under seats etc)
  • Small items/papers/receipts etc bagged for your sort/disposal.
  • Detail clean doors, jambs, rubber seals, steer wheel, dash, roof lining, int mirror, console, seats, (stain removal extra charge) 
  • Interior deodorize.
  • Rims (excessive brake dust extra charge).
  • Tyres dressed
Executive Detail///           frm 90                frm 115
for that extra finish...
80+ minutes                       
  • Complete Regular Clean ///+
  • Amor-all and/or leather protectant to seats dash and door cards
  • Spray wax exterior protective finish
FreshenUP Detail///:         frm 110               frm 140
keeping it looking good longer...
2+ hours
  • Complete Regular Clean ///+
  • Amor-all or leather protectant to seats dash & door cards
  • Protective polymer wax to exterior, or carpet shampoo
Super Detail///:                   frm 170              frm 230
the ultimate...also good for pre-sale cleans
2-3 hours                   
  • Complete Regular Clean ///+
  • Amor-all and/or leather conditioner protectant to seats dash & door cards
  • Polish (light cut and wax) to exterior paint work
  • (Cloth) Seats and Carpets shampooed
6 mnth Polish///:                   frm 95                frm 120      
keep the new! (for cars in good condition only) 
65+ minutes
  • Complete outside wash body, wheels & clean windows
  • Apply wax/polish to body - to keep that new car look! 
Presale Detail///:  starts from 75
extra time taken so you get the best sale price!..

  •  Complete Regular Clean//,
  •  Add the following as required -
  •  engine bay clean... from 35
  •  carpet/seat shampoo... from 45
  •  outside polymer wax (not cut)... from 45
  •  full polish...from 120
  •  remove stubborn tar insect marks... from 30
  •  Armor-all protectant and/or leather conditioner... 35
  •  foggy headlight buff... 45
  •  4 x alloy wheel rims detailed... from 60
  • combined packages of above ...poa...please call for quote for your vehicle

InteriorShampoo///:  starts from 70
60+ minutes
  • full detail clean to seats and carpets, roof lining and boot
  • stubborn stain removal may incur extra charge

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